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AI Vision Structure Diagnosis Solution

Metaverse-Education Platform Technology

Various tasks, leisure, and education that used to be focused on face-to-face are gradually changing to non-face-to-face, and virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) technologies are attracting attention as alternatives. Accordingly, the need for immersive non-face-to-face education/video conferencing/culture and art performances is emerging.

Metaverse-Education Platform Development

Design and implementation of a platform that supports ultra-high resolution, teacher-student interaction, 6DoF free view, real-time, and personalized education support

6DoF XR image acquisition and compression/transmission technology from multiple camera studios


​Technical Motivation 

Define XR immersive media according to user freedom

Three degrees of freedom (3DoF), six degrees of freedom (6DoF)

3DoF acquires images from a single camera position, supports only three-way rotation of the user's head > Limited degrees of freedom

6DoF supports 6-direction user movement through multi-view image-based view synthesis > Improving immersion

•Ultra-high-definition, ultra-multi-view 6DoF video:  Requires very high bandwidth/computational amount

Development of bandwidth/computational efficient 6DoF XR immersive media processing/transmission technology





Metaverse-Education platform technology acquisition plan

1. Real-time acquisition and generation technology for immersive media (volumetric video, etc.)


2. Sensory media encoding for real-time transmission and reception and network-efficient adaptive transmission technology for interest/viewing areas

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