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Smart City Solutions

heating and cooling systems, lighting and  It is a building system that provides an economical and efficient living environment and a pleasant and comfortable life by integrating an electric system, fire monitoring device, facial recognition access control, smart parking control, and information and communication network network to provide advanced service functions.

Building that pursues economic efficiency, efficiency, comfort, functionality, reliability, and safety by organically integrating systems such as architecture, communication, and building automation to provide cutting-edge service functions. The building’s cooling/heating, lighting, power system automation, automatic fire detection device, security guard, information and communication network functions, office efficiency, and environment are improved.  We are looking for a high-performance, state-of-the-art building integrated into our home network.

Representative performance

Daewoo E&C new building IBS construction (2020)

Based on the experience of individual high-tech buildings to which smart solutions are applied,  Seeking a position.

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